Healthcare Professional Licensure Defense

Licensed healthcare professionals and entities are often confronted with inquiries or allegations of wrongdoing. These inquiries often come from:

  •  State Boards of Pharmacy;
  •  State Medical Boards;
  •  State Boards of Nursing;
  •  State Boards of Dental Examiners; or
  •  Other professional licensure boards.

These inquiries can come in the form of a complaint letter or a formal investigation letter notifying you that the board has initiated an investigation. The sources of the allegations are often disgruntled and unhappy patients, other healthcare providers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and various other sources.

The attorneys at Elliott Sauter understand that your license is your livelihood.


It is crucial to retain effective and experienced counsel to help you navigate the procedural and substantive issues with your board matter and to vigorously protect and defend your license against allegations of wrongdoing regardless the source.

Do not make the mistake of taking a complaint or board investigation lightly. Too often, licensees attempt to navigate the process and resolve matters without involving counsel. This often results in the imposition of onerous disciplinary sanctions that were otherwise avoidable. Retaining effective and experienced counsel familiar with the internal processes of the board and the substantive medical and regulatory issues involved in your matter is critical to protect your license. With years of experience in the healthcare space as federal and state prosecutors and as healthcare defense lawyers, the attorneys at Elliott Sauter are equipped, able, and ready to vigorously defend your license.

Meet Our Attorneys
We are a team of former prosecutors and experienced attorneys with in depth knowledge regarding federal white collar criminal defense. Our goal is to avoid criminal charges and defend our clients vigorously out of court and in trial if necessary.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The sooner you involve counsel in the process, the better you position yourself to protect your license. Elliott Sauter can assist you with all stages of your board matter. If you receive a complaint letter or a formal investigation letter notifying you that the board has initiated an investigation, or if you find yourself anywhere in the process of a board investigation, contact the attorneys at Elliott Sauter.