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Elliott Sauter is comprised of a team of former federal prosecutors and lawyers ready to defend our clients in the areas of white collar and healthcare criminal defense.

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    Healthcare Fraud Defense

    At Elliott Sauter, our defense attorneys have years of experience as federal prosecutors working on healthcare matters. This experience gives us a unique and valuable perspective on how to analyze, deconstruct and defend against allegations of fraud. As trial lawyers, we understand how the government conducts its investigation and the tactics it employs at trial. There is no substitute for trial experience.

  • False Claims Act Defense

    False Claims Act Defense — Civil Investigative Demands

    At Elliott Sauter, we understand the business and personal implications of responding to a False Claims Act investigation. We help clients navigate complex parallel criminal and civil investigations, and our experience as former prosecutors gives us valuable insight in preparing defense strategies that allow our clients to minimize criminal exposure and mitigate financial harm resulting from civil enforcement actions.

  • Compliance


    Elliott Sauter provides compliance advice and training to healthcare organizations. We work to improve and update existing compliance programs and also to create them. One of the most important parts of a compliance program is proper training and documentation.

  • Transactional and Regulatory Advice

    Transactional and Regulatory Advice

    At Elliott Sauter we understand the importance of compliance and the regulatory restrictions that healthcare companies face. We have analyzed hundreds of healthcare business structures from a criminal and civil perspective with a concentrated focus on the critical decisions that mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Internal Investigations

    Internal Investigations

    Given the complexity of regulated industries such as healthcare and finance, nearly every organization will face allegations of wrongdoing at some point. We have conducted hundreds of internal investigations and audits with the goal of helping our clients work through the difficulties of government and regulatory investigations.

  • Recoupment and Payor Appeals — ZPIC and Express Script Audits

    Recoupment and Payor Appeals — ZPIC and Express Script Audits

    Almost every company that works with Medicare and Medicaid will at some point face a ZPIC audit that is performed by a CMS contractor such as Express Scripts, Qlarant or Cotiviti. These audits are investigations into fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Qui Tam Whistleblowers

    Qui Tam Whistleblowers

    We assist individuals or entities seeking to file qui tam lawsuits under the False Claims Act (“FCA”) and report fraud against the federal government. Our experience as former federal prosecutors gives us the expertise to accurately evaluate potential cases and to navigate the complex interactions with the civil and criminal divisions of the Department of Justice (the “DOJ”).

  • Texas Medical Board Inquiries & Healthcare Professional Licensure Defense

    Texas Medical Board Inquiries & Healthcare Professional Licensure Defense

    The attorneys at Elliott Sauter understand that your license is your livelihood. It is crucial to retain effective and experienced counsel to help you navigate the procedural and substantive issues with your board matter and to vigorously protect and defend your license against allegations of wrongdoing regardless the source.

  • White Collar Criminal Defense

    White Collar Criminal Defense

    White collar criminal cases, especially at the federal level, are extremely complex and present unique difficulties. Elliott Sauter has represented executives and corporations in the most contentious of circumstances. Our years of experience as federal prosecutors let us understand the intricacies associated with white collar crimes.

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Elliott Sauter is a firm founded by former federal prosecutors with experience evaluating, prosecuting, and defending FCPA cases. This experience gives us a thorough understanding of the procedures and tactics used at each stage of civil or criminal FCPA investigation.

  • Opioid and DEA Diversion

    Opioid and DEA Diversion

    We have represented physicians and medical groups who have been targeted by the government for their prescribing of opioids to patients. We understand that a doctor’s ability to prescribe medications and to treat their patient population is central to achieving positive outcomes and that DEA licensure is critical to the proper practice of medicine.

  • Covid-19 Fraud

    Covid-19 Fraud

    The Cares Act and related federal programs such as the PPP loan program and programs funding Covid-19 laboratory testing laboratories have increasingly been the subject of aggressive government enforcement; and we have the experience to navigate this area.

The Elliott Sauter Difference

Our years of experience with the Department of Justice and state-level prosecution has uniquely prepared us for the cases and challenges faced by our clients. We approach each case with professionalism and an attention to detail that is singularly focused on achieving the best results for our clients. We have and offer:


Excellent Lawyers

Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers are capable of successfully delivering results.


Proven Experience

Our many years of handling federal cases in the United States courts as well as state-level cases in Texas helps us meet the challenges of the most difficult of cases.


Reliable Legal Advice

Our experience with the Department of Justice gives us invaluable industry knowledge to stay one step ahead of the trends and practices in our field.


Extensive Services

Our honed expertise in white collar criminal matters, healthcare criminal and civil defense, compliance and internal investigations allows us to offer a depth of services that delivers results for our clients.

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