Opioid and DEA Diversion

Opioid and DEA Diversion

We have represented physicians and medical groups who have been targeted by the government for their prescribing of opioids to patients. We understand that a doctor’s ability to prescribe medications and to treat their patient population is central to achieving positive outcomes and that DEA licensure is critical to the proper practice of medicine.

The DEA Office of Diversion Control was set up to combat serious cases of prescription drug diversion. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics have heightened accountability when it comes to the ability to distribute prescription drugs.
Penalties for health care professionals found guilty of diverting prescription drugs include felony charges carrying severe penalties including jail time and expensive fines. A conviction could also cost you your professional license. To combat this type of serious charge, you need an experienced defense lawyer who understands the serious consequences of a drug diversion charge. In addition to defending practitioners in an investigation, affirmative compliance efforts designed to avoid serious charges are increasingly important in an OPIOD crisis where law enforcement has been over-reaching in its approach against licensed practitioners.


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